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About Me
Published Writing
Here you'll learn all about me: my interests and hobbies, the people in my family, and more. I've even included a list of my favorite links to other sites.

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On this page you will learn all about me and why I decided to have my own website. Here is one reason.

Everyone is always asking for a website address. I decided it was time for me to have my own. My published writing is scattered all over the internet and I thought I needed to have a place where all of it can be seen at once.

I hope to keep adding to the published writing and eventually to place a chapter here of my finished YA novel, IF I COULD BE LIKE JENNIFER TAYLOR, which is not yet published.
My family and me at my Masters graduation

What's New?
November 15, 2006

For anyone who is still interested, my husband is now officially out of the hospital. We had him home for a week, but he developed a clot in his lungs and we had to take him back for a few days. He is now on blood thinners and he has a screen in him to prevent further clots. Other than that he is so much better and has a lot more energy and stamina.

October 27, 2006

In only a few days there has been a great improvement in my husband's condition. He is now using a walker and walked 100 feet in the hallway. He is going to be taken off the breathing tube soon and then he will be discharged from the hospital. This will possibly come on Monday according to his cardiac doctor. Aside from a very bad sore on his back, most of the places where they operated are in good shape. He is getting treatment for the sore, but it is very uncomfortable for him to sit or lay on his back. He will be going to a rehab center until he can do most things on his own. Yay! I never thought this time would come.

October 23, 2006

On September 24, 2006 my husband went into the hospital for a heart attack. The doctors needed to do a triple bypass surgery and he is now recovering. I wanted to thank everyone who sent their prayers and good wishes to me during this very stressful time. He is much better and getting stronger every day. He had a pretty bumpy time for awhile, but your prayers helped me and my family get through this long and painful month. Many of you have been thanked personally, but if I didn't get to you, here is a great big hug for all. {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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